Tiny, bioluminescent, insectile creatures native to Mirrodin. Blinkmoths are used in the creation of a fluid known as "serum." Blinkmoths have been farmed almost to extinction for the production of serum.

The blinkmoths are odd, tiny flying creatures that are one of the planet’s original species. Beings with poetic souls consider them beautiful, for they glow in the night like fireflies with an eerie blue-white light. Swarms of them have been known to fly across the planet in complex formations, sometimes vanishing into Mirrodin’s core. Unfortunately for them, the blinkmoths are not just pretty, they’re useful. When isolated from a swarm, individual blinkmoths die. Their destruction produces a tiny amount of the liquid known as “serum.” A being that drinks serum finds his mental capacity and intelligence instantly augmented, making serum, and thus blinkmoths, a highly sought after commodity in the Spires.

Though the Vedalken were masters of measured science, they failed to anticipate the sharp decline their exhaustive experiments would cause in the blinkmoth population. This myopic and uncontrolled research soon made blinkmoths, and thus serum, among the rarest commodities on Mirrodin.