We're gonna find that murderin' bilge rat, an' we're gonna see if his guts are as red as his sails. So says I. So says we all. - Bloody Bonnie McGee (Tight-Knit Crew) She'll be ready, Bonnie. One way or another. (Dry Docks) Bonnie cut the last rope and the Black Dawn sped away. I swear, she whispered back at Reis. I swear that someday you'll pay. (To Fight Another Day) Aye, he seduced the Queen of the Sidhe too. An' if ye believe that, I'll tell ye another. - Bonnie McGee (Berek's Already Done That) The Beloved Queen was keeper of Avalon's lore. Bonnie wants to write us into her book...and she has to go to Bryn Bresail to ask her. - Celedoine (Queen Eleanor) Berek held desperately to the scythe's handle. He just needed a few minutes until Bonnie could cut the lines... (No Banter...) The Queen looked carefully at Bonnie. The mirror leads to Bryn Bresail, my dear. But to cross it, you must first tell me a secret - something no one else on Théah knows... (The Grey Queen's Price) There's two kinds of persuasion on the Black Dawn. I prefer Celedoine's to McGee's any day o' the week. - Phelan Cole (Persuasion) It's not a skirt! It's a kilt, ya dumb... oh, just hand me me cudgel and I'll explain the difference. Reis shouted a curse and cut through the main mast. All McGee could do was jump out of the way and look for a safe place to dive overboard. (From Stem to Gudgeon) Berek said te leave, an' we're leavin'! Bonnie screamed. Or else Reis paints his sails with our blood! (Listen!) Bonnie stepped through the Grey Queen's mirror, into the realm beyond. She stepped back minutes later, but her face aged three years. (Through the Magic Mirror) They never complain when I hit 'em, but they bellow like walruses when they wake up. - Bonnie McGee (Belaying Pin) His mother called him 'The Thing That Should Not Be.' That explains a lot - Bonnie McGee (Barnacle Pete) Put your revenge away for awhile McGee. Serve with me and I promise you, together we'll find that black-hearted bastard and give him what he deserves. - J. Berek (Gold Only Buys Obedience) Back to the bottom with ye, ye grinnin' sardine! - Bonnie McGee (Harpoon) non-Captain crew. You may not play another Bloody Fight during this round of the Boarding. (Bloody Fight)