Handpicked by the Black Thorn, these loyal warriors fight for the Revolution in ways that few Khamsin citizens would approve of. Through bribery, intimidation, spying, and even assassination, the members of the Bloody Thorns ensure that the Revolution isn’t undermined by unconventional attacks by outside forces. Made up of experts from all walks of Rebel life, the Black Thorn’s warriors were originally organized to ensure Venthian agents didn’t find ingenious ways of fracturing the newly reshaped Revolution just as it was getting its first real head of steam – and have since taken it upon themselves to do what needs to be done for the good of Khamsin no matter what the cost.

The Bloody Thorns aren’t afraid to shoot someone in the back to get the job done, fight with every dirty trick in the book in order to gain victory, and then boast about it loudly at the local tavern over a mug of ale or three. Generally thought of as little better than mercenaries or rogues by many of the common folk of Khamsin, the Bloody Thorns know that the secret war they fight is crucial to the survival of the Revolution, and will do nearly anything to ensure that freedom never fails.


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