Deep in the fetid swamy region of Bograth lurks a degenerate race of Magi. The Bograthians are squalid and small-minded, but nonetheless proud and determined, as evidenced by the fact that they have not only survived, but prospered in their disgusting homeland. Despite their high intellect, they seem oblivious to the world around them; their names and titles are as grandiose as their homes are pathetic, and even the most powerful Bograthian lacks a concept of hygiene.

Bograthians are somewhat less than the premiere social race of the Moonlands. Even speaking with one leaves most people with an unclean feeling, like they want to scrape the slime from their ears just for having listened. This is not just because Bograthians openly consort with dark powers; they also have a reputation for being dishonest and sneaky, which is in part well justified and in part exaggerated by their grotesque appearance. Bograthians are arrogant to the extreme, and use grandiose titles for themselves. They consider themselves to be the pinnacle of creation, the most powerful of Magi, and their region to be the greatest empire in history, all despite strong evidence to the contrary. Nevertheless, they persist in holding to their beliefs, which they use as an excuse to break whatever vows or treaties they may have with "lesser races". Many societal norms across the Moonlands are not issues with them; they seem to have a peculiar blind spot with respect to cleanliness, comfort, aand maintaining their homes in good repair. This oversight may in fact be due to the great disconnect between their self-image and their real nature

Bograthians look as degenerate as they are. Or maybe they are as degenerate as they look. It doesn't really matter. Their skin is an unhealthy color of decay, varying between the green of dying moss and the brown of really stinky mud. Their hair is reminiscent of wet moss: long, with a greasy or stringy appearance, and colored in a variety of muted, unhappy colors. While they stand upright in their early years, they generally grow more hunched, fat, and toad-like as they grow older. Their posture is always mediocre and they often lurch or shuffle when they walk. They have large, pupil-less eyes that glow with a pale sickly light, and they stare unblinkingly at whomever they speak with. Their voice is typically unrefined and croaky. And, as mentioned before, grooming is not their forte. Expect body odor, long nasty fingernails, and smears of mud (which may, in fact, be "makeup").

The first word that springs to mind when describing Bograthian dress is "damp", followed closely by "mildewed" and "ugly". They wear heavy fabrics like canvas and such - durable but ugly. Skin coverage is full, and hoods are commonly used. Their dismal colors are further diminished by the stains and tears garnered from having been worn in a swamp for years on end. Many clothes are so old that large mushrooms and mosses grow on them. One other note: to date, no Moonlands scholars have been able to determine a measurable difference between Bograthian "work clothes" and Bograthian "finery".

Bograthian names frequently evoke the same reaction as Bograthians themselves.