The obyrith Pale Night, the Mother of Demons, dwelled upon the 600th layer of the Abyss long before the coming of Baphomet, who is himself quite ancient relative to most ot the other tanar'ri. When rhe feral horned Prince of Beasts reached the obyrith's fading realm, Pale Night somehow managed to suppress his rage enough to propose a pact that has lasted to the current day.

While Baphomet's Endless Maze dominates most of the infinite layer, a sizable portion remains under rhe control of Pale Night, who dwells in a morbid castle arrhe center ol a wide circular plain of bones. The Bone Citadel looks extremely aged and delicate, as ifthe brittle hand and finger bones that make up its haunting surface might crackle into dust at any moment. Despite appearances, the castle remains extremely sturdy and has not been conquered during the course of recorded Abyssal history. In huge niches stationed around vast galleries inside the castle, Pale Night displays the fractured shadows of her slain victims.

The Maze itself is only barely visible from the ramparts of the Bone Citadel, and Baphomet never interferes with Pale Night's dominion over her original realm. For her part, rhe enigmatic demoness seldom ventures into the Prince ot Beast's domain except to utilize the layer's single gate to Androlynne.