Though no Gruul clan leader has ever managed to dominate or unify all the clans, one is spoken of in reverential tones: Borborygmos. An unusually massive cyclops and the savage leader of the Burning-Tree Clan, Borborygmos “smashes his enemies into paste, then uses that paste to polish his boots,” as the saying goes. Borborygmos has defended his position as the Gruul’s mightiest clan leader for several decades now and has killed many upstarts. But though he’s still an extraordinary warrior, Borborygmos is beginning to show his age. The challenges to his leadership have become more frequent and his victories more narrow.

Borborygmos is a cyclops the size of some of Ravnica's tallest towers. He holds court over Gruul's motley clans and smashes foes with a maul made from a slab of masonry tangled in the roots of its tree-trunk handle.

It's easy to see why those Gruul dirtbags follow him -the only orders he gives are "Crush them" and "We eat" -Teysa (Borborygmos)

"Crush them" -Borborygmos (Wreak Havoc)

"Borborygmos's elemental launched an assault, but the Izzet wards held and experiments continue." -Skyknight report on the Rubblebelt (Scorchwalker)

"Meat and eggs. We eat" -Borborygmos (Protean Hulk)

"Not Gruul? Then die!" -Borborygmos (Gruul Charm)

Even the bitterest enemies of the Burning-Tree Clan respect the strength of Borborygmos's rule. (Alpha Authority)

Alpha Authority, Borborygmos Enraged, Borborygmos, Guildpact (fatpack)

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