In the secret hollows of the petrified body of a dead god lost on the Astral Plane, sparks of power yet remain. The forgotten deity Threphocris contains many such hollows, though not all connect to one another. One long tunnel holds a forest of crystal stalagmites and stalactites strung with pearly ectoplasm. A wind comes from nowhere and seemingly goes nowhere, but it cools the long tunnel as if a breeze on an otherwise too-warm summer day.

All the hollows within Threphocris appear to be natu- rally formed caverns of gray stone covered with a thin crystalline lattice, like a geode. Pale, wispy-white ectoplasm drifts through the caverns, ephemeral and essentially harmless. The floating milky strands and gossamer draperies lend the caves an otherworldly quality. The ectoplasm is sensitive to psionic energy and is naturally pushed out of any square occupied by any creature that manifests a psionic power or has innate psionic spell-like abilities.

The site is a planar touchstone, granting beneficial abilities to those who know its secrets.