This article is about - an evil organization on Dominaria's continent of Otaria. For other uses, see Cabal (disambiguation).

The Cabal was a twisted and corrupt brotherhood that would bolster their power with occult rituals and dark magic, always lusting for Otaria’s reins of power. The Cabal hosted - and fixed, and profited from - brutal but broadly popular pit-fights. They employ Dementia Summoners to create fierce creatures for their pit fights.

Have you ever woken in the middle of the night screaming, but you couldn't quite remember why? Welcome to the world of the Cabal. The Cabal makes your half-forgotten terrors real, solid, and eager to destroy you. These horrors are created by the Cabal's legion of dementia summoners – the backbone of the Cabal's martial and pit-fighting forces, and perhaps the most powerful mages on Otaria.

Dementia summoners are trained by the Cabal to reach into the deepest depths of their psyche and unleash horrific monsters based on their own innermost fears and darkest imagination. These magicians travel the world looking for animals and monsters to observe and later pull out of their memories as twisted mockeries of their original forms. Sometimes they can even absorb the life essence of creatures they kill, locking it in the back of their minds and using it as the basis for future grotesque summonings. Inevitably, spending so much time harnessing the dark side of their minds takes a terrible toll on the dementia summoners' sanity. The summoners are all mad; in fact, many become so insane that they are no longer able to function. But some, like Braids, keep enough of their wits about them to continue serving the Cabal and fighting in the pits. These dementia summoners are the most dangerous of all, because they combine intelligence, unpredictability, and psychosis in one terrible package.

Dementia Summoners carry burning incense with them to help charm the monsters they command. They are shrouded in eerie smoke wherever they roam. They appear somewhat pirate-like, wearing cloaks and shawls with nightmarish faces and patterns.

The Cabal thrives on the trade and gambling that comes out of their pit fights, so it's in their best interest to create bigger and better monsters, to make the next horror even uglier and crueler than the last. Vicious monsters draw crowds, which makes for more bets, which earn the Cabal more money. They are always on the lookout for the next pit fighting star, the next summoner who'll take their profits to new heights.


BraidsCabal Minion
Conjurer Adept
Dementia Summoner
Phagethe Untouchable

Cabal Ritual (FtV)