A tale of Shadow Era

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Rothem's plan to unite the Shadow Worlds during their first steps into Balor is succeeding. Instead of a bumbling force, they're a cohesive army and quickly set about the task of earning a foothold in Layar. Fort Balor is the first to fall, but Castle Layar is not far behind it. Despite having the Shadow Crystals first, the humans find themselves losing both land and crystals by the moment. Within months, the majority of Layar falls under the rule of Rothem and his Shadow armies. Seeing now the power of the Shadow, many countries begin to fear what is coming for them.

Ellos and Vozit set aside their differences at the request of the Brother's Isle, and try to convince the other nations to do the same. They lend aide to the fierce fighters of Lyth, hoping to maintain some foothold on the continent, but without the aide of Irum their alliance begins to lose steam. The power of the Shadow Crystals and the ferocity of the Shadow armies prove a formidable enemy. Despite having heroes, people capable of harnessing the Shadow Energy, There just aren't enough to go around and mount an offensive.

Attacks are launched against the strengthening Shadow forces, earning Crystals as a reward for many of these heroes, yet they find themselves still unable to turn the tide. That is until Jericho, high priest of the church of Ellos, is guided by a vision of his deity to a hidden entrance to the caves of Mount Balor. This new entrance grants him access to the massive cache of Shadow Crystals, which he uses to power the forming Human war machine. These prove vital for inspiring Gunther to come back into the fold as a leader rather than a simple insurgent. Finally, the Gaderi agree to join the battle, leaving only Irum to decide which side it will lend its militia to.

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