Capitol is the only corporation that resembles our conventional notion of a corporation. The Capitol management consists of a Board of Directors elected by Capitol's shareholders: its citizens. The Board of Executives is subordinate to the Board of Directors and takes care of day-to-day business, while the Directors handle important decisions.

Armed Forces

The armed forces of Capitol are guided by two principles: deterrent and retaliation. By careful application of these principles, Capitol maintains control of most of Mars, which it considers its home turf.

The Capitol Ground Forces comprise the largest army in the solar system, but still maintain a high level of both personal skills and equipment.

The Free Marines are made out of highly commentated, highly decorated vets that have been court-martialled for some reason and now fight to restore their personal reputation.

Airborne troops used on Mars, the Martian Banshee units are solely comprised of men and women who have lost friends or family to Mishima or the Dark Legion.

The Sea Lions are the pride of the Capitol Navy; an elite amphibious strike force currently used in the Graveton Archipelago on Venus.

Deployed on Mercury, the Sunset Strikers act as Capitol's special commando unit for fighting Mishima troops on their own home planet.