This article is about A pseudo-undead creature of Rath. For other uses, see Carrionette (disambiguation).

One by-product of the Flowstone creation process is a black tar-like substance, which dissolves flesh on contact, and is used for disposal of corpses. When living beings are dissolved in the black substance, their memories and life-forces are also absorbed, giving rise to the infamous Death Pits of Rath. These Death Pits have developed a primitive predatory consciousness, and a cruel playfulness toward prey.

Carrionettes are created by the Death Pits, who recombine the indigestible bones, armor, weapons, and any other leftover bits and pieces into undead-like puppets. Manipulating these "bodies" through long tendrils, a death pit attacks intruders via swordplay, hand-to-hand combat, and other strangely mimetic ways. Once the victims are subdued, the Carrionettes grab on and take them back to the main body of ooze. If this thin tendril is cut in battle, the reanimated corpse collapses into a black, watery mess.