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The Artwork category and template should apply to almost every image used in this wiki. This category uses the This category uses the form Artwork. form.


Every image, with the exceptions listed below, should use the Artwork category and template. Add the Artwork template to the image by editing the image, shifting to the Source tab, and entering {{Artwork}}. You can then edit the image with the form to indicate the artist and the things the artwork illustrates.

The exception for this is for symbols of organizations, countries and tribes. Each of these should be PNG files in the form OrganizationName.png - files in this format will automatically be displayed on the appropriate page.

Special Note[]

For all artwork included in this wiki, there is an implicit request for inclusion. If an artist objects to their artwork's inclusion, please email the wiki admin, and it will be removed. It is hoped that all artists will see the benefit of this site and support it.

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