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This category uses the This category uses the form Character. form. Characters are a type of Individual that are from a civilized race.

To search for characters with particular attributes, use the Character Query page.


Characters are single individual beings that belong to a civilized (or quasi-civilized) race. To determine if the individual is a Character, check if the Race would be a Creature or a Race (or Species). If it is a Creature, then the being is likely to be an Individual.

Characters should use their standard name - the one most often used. Avoid nicknames or epithets - if the character has a standard nickname they are known by, you can create a Redirect link.

The Race field indicates the character's race. Class/Profession indicates how the character makes a living, or how another character would perceive them. Affiliation indicates which organizations the creature identifies with. Title indicates any official titles or unofficial epithets the creature has. Special Abilities/Techniques is a list of any particular special abilities or techniques the character can use.

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