An individual is a unique being of some type. They can range from minor characters to immensely powerful beings.

Those individuals that are from a (nominally) civilized race should be classified as Characters. Those individuals that are immensely powerful, possibly extra-dimensional immortal beings should be classified as Entities (or Gods). Use the This category uses the form Individual. for other unique beings.


Individuals are individual beings that do not fit into any of the subcategories. They are usually an individual monster, rather than a character race. Even if they are considered a monster, they may be quite civilized, and function within a race's society - even holding positions of power.

To determine if your being should be considered an Individual, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the being belong to a race that is considered a Race or a Creature? If it is a Race, then the individual should be a Character.
  • If the individual is an immortal being, existing outside of the normal cycles of life and death, it is likely to be an Entity (or a Deity, if it is worshipped).

The Creature Type field indicates which kind of creature this individual is. Affiliation indicates which organizations the creature identifies with. Title indicates any official titles or unofficial epithets the creature has.

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