In the stygian depths of Pandemonium is a cavern where the plane’s eternal winds have eroded the walls to the point that they are as smooth as glass. In fact, every surface in the cave reflects light like a mirror. However, the chaotic nature of the plane makes this more than a place for mere vanity.

When a creature enters the Cavern of the Self, he sees himself reflected hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times. Part of the magic of the cave is that no matter how many creatures are in the cave simultaneously, each one sees only reflections of himself. Each reflection, though, is slightly different. Each one shows the viewer at a different stage in his life or in the grips of a different emotion, and no two reflections are identical. Somewhere in the jumble is a reflection of how the creature is at that moment in time. It is said that if one can find and concentrate on the true reflection, he will gain a great insight into himself and his relationships with all other creatures.

As in a carnival’s hall of mirrors, all the reflections make it difficult to move around in the Cavern of the Self. Creatures that do not rely on eyesight, or those with the blindsense special quality, have immunity to this effect. Likewise, a character may choose to close his eyes while in the cave, taking all the penalties associated with that action.

The Cavern of the Self is a planar touchstone site, granting abilities to whomever passes its tests.