Cerberids are multi-headed canine creatures, generally associated with the underworld, the nether realms, or the like. They are named for Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld in Greek Mythology.


In Theros, these fearsome creatures roam the mortal-realm side of the Rivers That Ring the World. Each cerberid is at least four feet tall at the shoulder and has two or three heads. The cerberids have paws like half-molten stone, and they leave seared, smoking tracks as they walk. As a result, the land that borders the first of the Rivers That Ring the World is a blackened, smoldering wasteland that's several hundred meters wide. The nature and origins of the cerberids are unknown. They are not creations of the gods, and they are feared by the living and the dead alike. Because of their boundless hunger for meat, especially that of humanoids, cerberids can be lured away from the riverbank, then set loose on an area.

Noted Cerberids

CerberusCerberidGeneral Fantasy

Subtypes and Variants

Dreaded Doom DogEvilMid Realms
Flame HeadThe World (dot Hack)
Hound of GriselbrandDominia

Hellhound (BloodRealm), Underworld Cerberus