Lorwyn Changelings are skilled at mimicry, but they’re far from devious or deceptive. Changelings are obvious. No matter what shape a changeling takes, it always has its characteristic opalescent sheen and its translucent “Gummi Bear” look to it. They can’t use their transformation abilities to their own advantage, because they automatically adapt to whatever forms are near them. You never look at a creature in Lorwyn and wonder, “Is that really a shapeshifter in disguise?” because you can always tell.

A Lorwyn Changeling in its natural form is a small blue-green humanoid. It has a short tail similar to a chameleon's, a pot-belly, and cat-like eyes. Its skin is almost gelatinous, with scales. A changeling's hand has two long and two short fingers, which are webbed. Its feet have three toes, also webbed. Its thighs and upper arms are shorter than its shins and lower arms.

Lorwyn changelings automatically mimic everything they see, though their true nature is readily apparent. They cannot change their color or skin consistency, and they always retain some of their natural appearance.


During the Shadowmoor phase of Lorwyn's cycle, the changelings become fearsome mimics.

Amoeboid Changeling, Changeling Berserker, Changeling Hero, Mirror Entity, Mothdust Changeling, Shapesharer, Taurean Mauler, War-Spike Changeling