Chianul is old for a Temur, around fifty. He was the One Who Whispers Twice when Surrak assumed the mantle of Dragonclaw, and he has seen another version of the "now" in which dragons are ascendant, leading the humans. Sarkhan Vol spent some time with Chianul as a young man, learning about his visions, voices, and knowledge of dragons. The old shaman recently led a Wide Whisper that revealed what he called a "weak point in the multiple nows." He believes Sarkhan needs to accompany him to this location to assist with a ritual that will "heal the now."

The appearance of a kirin signifies the passing or arrival of an important figure. As word of sightings spread, all the khans took it to mean themselves. Only the shaman Chianul thought of Sarkhan Vol.

"The most powerful dreams visit those who shelter in a dragon's skull." -Chianul, Who Whispers Twice

"Bring down a stag and fix its horns upon her head. This one hears the whispers." -Chianul, at the weaving of Arel

"The mountains scream with the dragons' throats." -Chianul, Who Whispers Twice