A chimera is a creature with body parts from multiple creatures, combined into a bizarre whole. They are usually winged, frequently have multiple heads from different creatures, and generally hostile. Most of these living amalgams fly, and some breathe fire or possess a deadly gaze or a poisonous bite or sting.

These monsters may be product of overambitious magecraft - the fusing of essences from three, four, or even five creatures to create a new and dangerous one.

The classic chimera has the body of a lion, with the heads of a lion, goat, and snake or dragon. It sometimes has wings in addition. A chimera sometimes has the snake head as its tail.

Noted Chimeras

TyphonusChimeraCastle Age

Subtypes and Variants

Coastline ChimeraTheros
Horizon ChimeraTheros
Hyperborean ChimeraEntrath
Perplexing ChimeraTheros
Prescient ChimeraTheros
Riptide ChimeraTheros
Spellfire ChimeraElyria
Spellheart ChimeraTheros
Stormchaser ChimeraTheros