The Cho-Arrim worship life and revere those who've experienced it longest. (Revered Elder)

The Cho-Arrim call it "the fury of Ramos." (Volcanic Wind)

The scepter of power is fragile in a calloused hand. -Cho-Arrim saying

The Cho-Arrim fought Mercadia's decadence with more than just swords. (Devout Witness)

Clenched teeth do not bite. -Cho-Arrim saying (Muzzle)

The Cho-Arrim fell from the sky onto Mercadia City like a vengeful rain. (Ramosian Sky Marshal)

"The Mercadians are too busy looking down on us to see us coming." -Cho-Arrim rebel (Thermal Glider)

"Do you want to be alive or whole?" -Ta-Karnst, Cho-Arrim healer (Putrefaction)

Orim taught Ta-Karnst and the other Cho-Arrim healers a far less invasive method of healing. (Soothing Balm)

The Cho-Arrim make no distinction between healers and soldiers. (Pious Warrior)

Bit by bit, Mercadia City had forced the Cho-Arrim from their ancestral lands. They would be pushed no further. (Territorial Dispute)

Every Cho-Arrim villager is a potential warrior; when they are called, they abandon their peaceful way of life and take up arms to defend it. (Fresh Volunteers)

The Cho-Arrim didn't rely only on a secret location to protect their Fountain. (Fountain Watch)

The dry riverbed became a raging torrent, and the Cho-Arrim claimed their prize. (Tidal Bore)

Cho-Arrim martial artists emulate the beasts of their home. (Tiger Claws)

The Cho-Arrim believe in leading by example. (Ramosian Captain)

"May the River claim Cho-Manno's body, wherever it lies." -Ta-Karnst, Cho-Arrim healer (Honor the Fallen)

"There is no place for mercy in defense of our lives." -Ta-Spon, Cho-Arrim executioner (Crackdown)

"With the proper tools, even the Great River can be dammed." -Ta-Spon, Cho-Arrim executioner (Sever Soul)

Cho-Arrim righteousness was no match for Benalish combat training. (Lunge)

The satyr carves the path that all of Rushwood follows. -Cho-Arrim saying (Lumbering Satyr)

To see one is a good omen to the Cho-Arrim. (Sacred Prey)

He doesn't know why the Cho-Arrim fight the Mercadians, but he's happy to bash heads for them anyway. (Cho-Arrim Bruiser)

"As long as Rushwood glows, no life is ever truly lost." -Ta-Karnst, Cho-Arrim healer (Moonlit Wake)