The Cinders are what the flamekin become when Lorwyn shifts into its Shadowmoor phase. They resemble skeletal, smoking husks. They envy the life-giving heat so much that they tear it from those who still possess it. They claw at frustratingly ephemeral memories of a past happiness now denied to them. Their creativity and artistry has been snuffed out along with the heat of their bodies, leaving only a maddening sense of loss and a deep resentment of those not cursed with ruined bodies and hopeless hearts. In the parlance of the flamekin who lived before the Aurora, these cinders are truly guttered.

As their new name implies, they no longer burn with the heat and intensity they once did. While some cinders can still manifest their rage in the form of flame, most have lost their constant fire, guttered out into skeletal, smoky remains. According to legend, their flames were taken long ago by a traitor known as the Extinguisher, and their bitterness has only grown with time. Now they want the entire world to suffer as much as they do, sowing chaos and destruction until nothing good remains. Even death may not stop their hatred.

Cinder beliefs revolve around the Path of Sorrow, a spiritual descent into oblivion. They don't mind taking others on their journey down.

Cinder mystics set traps for sluaghs and other spirits of flame, seeking to extract the secrets of the fire their own hearts have lost.

Cinder Pyromancer, Crowd of Cinders