The Cizerack are a race of large cat-like creatures, indigenous to the planet Cashoulis of the 61-Verginis star system. Like all felines, the Cizerack are extremely fast and nimble, able to achieve speeds of 80kph for short periods of time. They can leap vertically up to 3m and horizontally up to 5m. Evolution has brought on the ability to walk erect, as well as on all fours. Cizeracks are usually blue-black, but some have tiger stripes.

Most Cizerack resemble the great cats of earth, including tigers, lions and panthers. They possess steel gray eyes, and incredible hearing and vision. The felines are also formidable in weaponless combat, possessing a set of lethal claws. They possess prehensile paws, with extendible/re tractable fingers, without which the cats would never have been able to develop such a sophisticated, technologically advanced society.

The Cizerack government is clan-like. The matriarchy is set up so that the oldest females rule the society. The cats are strongly territorial, each clan controlling a section of land, headed by the Ratum Ala (den mother). The Cizerack society functions, but is plagued by continual fighting over territorial sovereignty. The most powerful clan is the Fenib Maturt. There exist some 200,000 Fenib panthers.

Cizerack culture stresses discipline and knowledge. The young females are sent to school where they are taught Damack Hatib (the Code of Living). This code stresses individualism, freedom, and the work ethic. "Any good feline is a working feline." Female cats are taught the value of their own self and that of the clan. However, a powerful dichotomy exists between the sexes of this race. While the females are revered, the male Cizerack are kept as ignorant slaves, existing to perpetuate the race and perform menial labor.

A young Cizerack is expected to learn by surviving. Once the young female kits have completed their schooling, the warriors will be thrust into the Forward Recon Eschelon, where they must learn quickly. Those that display a keen awareness of prey at an early age may earn the title of Huntress. Hunting is an anachronistic, but highly prized skill in Cizerack society. The young Huntresses are often sent to special hunting worlds to hone their gifts. Those experienced Cizeracks that have survived several battles and hunts may earn the title Heroine. Heroines are the mainstay of the Cizerack combat units, and a full citizen of their matriarchal society.