The Cloister is a massive structure where all human knowledge is meticulously inscribed onto parchment.

The Elder Council of Adamanth summoned the most astute thinkers to the capital city of Carloth with the mandate to study these bizarre gems. They soon realized that while it was possible that the arrival of Hex could doom humanity, the colored gems the meteor’s impact had been scattered across the lands could be their salvation.

The scholars and scientists that had gathered in Adamanth to study Hexing Gems soon became known as the Cloister. Their mandate was to learn as much as they could about the alien gems in the service of humankind. More than 23 centuries later, we are still learning about the inconceivably vast power of Hexing Gems.

Over time, a stone tower was built for the Cloister that would become one of the largest human-built structures in the world, rivaled only by its neighbor, the majestic Citadel of Adamanth. While the scholars that the Cloister houses still consider themselves to be intellectuals, the intensity of their devotion has taken on an ecclesiastical bent. A life of study in the Cloister is one of piety and sacrifice.