The Clydon Empire is one of the most aggressive major empire on the Far Side.

Clydons are a humanoid race, separated into a number of distinct subspecies, known as broods. All clydons are bald, with dark orangish skin. Each brood serves a distinct function in Clydon society. Several broods are of very low caste and do not have Citizen status; some are only marginally intelligent. Some of the most well-known broods are:

  • Blood Clydons: the common warrior caste. They are brutal, with sharp teeth and no external nose. They have the ability to transform into a more bestial form with a dragon-like head.
  • Drone Clydons: the laborer caste. They are twice as tall as most clydons, but less intelligent than most.
  • Imperial Clydons: Administrators and rulers. They appear almost human.

Some Clydon ships are capable of carrying warcraft. Warcraft are similar to fighters, but larger and more potent. The Clydon warcraft fulfill a variety of specialized roles. Those ships which carry the warcraft can use them to augment the parent ship's own capabilities. Clydon ships use Neutronium Torpedoes as their heavy weapon.

Unique Technology

  1. Warcraft
  2. Hologram Projectors - capable of creating images of other ships
  3. Deflection Transfer Device - reflects some damage to other targets
  4. Energy Armor - composite defense system that absorbs damage