There were once many yew treefolk on Lorwyn, but there is thought to be only one left, an ancient yew named Colfenor. The leaves and seeds of yew treefolk are quite poisonous, and Colfenor has a personality to match. He's taciturn, crafty, and replete with access to dark magic. Despite his toxicity and mystery, he's the source of an incredible amount of information about Lorwyn's history, and he's plotting something big for the future.

"All the sylvan secrets of this world are etched between my rings. The skinfolk's metal aberrations can rot between my roots." -Colfenor, the Last Yew

"Changes far greater than the turning of the leaves await us at season's end." -Colfenor, the Last Yew

Her plans may yet bear fruit. (Sapling of Colfenor)