Tarkir of the Khans

This massive stronghold is constructed inside an ancient flooded caldera. An immense and well-preserved dragon skeleton surrounds the stronghold like a perimeter fence. The symbol of the stronghold is a dragon, and its martial-arts tradition is based around the movements of a dragon. It's rumored that the soul of a dragon is contained in a mystical vessel buried deep beneath Cori Mountain.

Tarkir of the Dragons

Built inside an ancient flooded caldera, Cori Mountain Sanctuary is the primary roost and intellectual retreat of the dragonlord Ojutai. At Dragon's Eye, Ojutai expects attention. At Cori Mountain, he demands solitude to meditate and conduct research in his private chambers. Many monks at Cori Mountain take vows of silence to avoid accidentally offending the Great Teacher, and even dragons keep their distance when Ojutai is in residence.

Ojutai spends time at all his strongholds, but he most favors Cori Stronghold for his meditation.