A sizable slithering eating machine with a taste for carrion. The loathsome creature is known throughout the land as a carrion-eater common to battlefields and sewage drains. While the worm's preferred prey are dwarves or tender human children, it will attack and devour anything it thinks might be vulnerable or tasty.

Some of the underworld leaders in Venetia keep pits filled with Crypt Worms in order to get rid of "evidence."

Crypt worms begin as finger-length wrigglers, but with enough time - and corpses - they can grow to their full, towering troll-crushing size.

The Worm creeps up, and rears its head
It begins to feed, before you're dead 
It spits in your eyes, continues to close
It chews you up, from head to toes  
And when its bile eats through your clothes, and its mouths strip off your flesh
Too bad that you' re still alive!

~Childhood rhyme used by Sect children to choose the victim of a game

It speaks with the voice of a tomb.