Nestled into the canyons on the island of Agadeem is the Crypt of Agadeem, a natural cavern converted into a heavily trapped burial site. The mouth of the cavern is a huge natural archway lined with innumerable small, etched hedrons. The entrance chamber, called the Crypt Maw, is a cavern the size of a cathedral. It is home to thousands of bats and is believed by some to be haunted by malevolent spirits.

On the rear wall of the Crypt stands a massive stone sculpture that functions as a mystic lock, barring travelers from exploring the rest of the crypt. Archaeologists have concluded that the lock opens only on rare occasions during the death-hour just before dawn, and only when some unknown incantations are spoken. However, certain mad human, goblin, and vampire mages, calling themselves "witch vessels," claim to have traveled down through the miles and miles of shelf-lined crypt tunnels behind the lock, and claim to have spoken in a lost "ghost tongue" with the thousands of dead bodies they say can be found there. They claim their communion has granted them knowledge of events to come, but warn that the tunnels are infested with lethal traps and other evils.

"The Three shall [convene/return?], and the Eye [illegible] shall produce its [utter/sheer?] fire, and the [illegible] shall Rize, and this Time no Soul shall [ascend/perish/escape?]" -Notes found near the Crypt of Agadeem, trans. Anowon the Ruin Sage

"The least of gods shall tower over the mightiest of mortals, and death shall reign over all." -Crypt of Agadeem inscription (Broodwarden)

Crypt of Agadeem