Bleak and dusty, Curst's little more than a collection of shanties perched on the edge of Carceri, where those exiled from elsewhere on the Outlands dream out their bitter lives.

Curst is centered around the symbol of its rejection, the four-pillared arch to Carceri. Made of living razorvine, the black-petaled gate stands at the center of the town square. The five main streets of the city form concentric circles around the square, and the entire town is enclosed by a well-maintained wall that forms the boundary of the sixth ring. Razorvine covers the inside of this wall, as if to keep the inhabitants from climbing out. Four gates, aligned with the four posts of the arch to Carceri, allow entrance into the city.

Each ring of Curst houses structures that serve a separate function. The outermost ring, within the razorvine-covered wall, holds houses, taverns, stables, and inns. The next ring in contains nothing but the workshops of craftsmen. In the third ring are the houses of merchants, along with their warehouses and stores. The fourth ring in accommodates the homes of those with such wealth and title that they no longer work. Finally, around the square are clustered the few buildings of Curst's administration: the burgher's house, the treasury, the watch barracks, and the town jail.

The buildings of Curst are black and colorless, devoid of humor or warmth. Razorvine - a minor irritant in Sigil - is predominant here, covering walls, trees, and even creeping into streets. It's not the most notable feature, though. Fact is, travelers never fail to comment on the guard policies at the gates. Unlike other towns, little effort is made to screen those who come in. Those leaving Curst, on the other hand, are required to state reasons for wanting to go elsewhere and show proof they can make it.

Unlike many other gates to the Lower Planes, the four-sided arch at Curst is seldom used by folks leaving Carceri. Perhaps it's the nature of those in the dark plane to feel trapped and unable to leave, and perhaps the gate is too hard to find. Whatever the cause, Blood War incursions here are rare and never expand beyond the town.

With so many outcasts plotting their glorious returns, Curst has always been a good market for mercenaries ready to sell their swords.

Places in Curst

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Quartered ManTavern