The mastermind behind the CDCA and its corporate extentions

At Dao Biotech, Boatman started recreating arcanoscience. (Gamma Beast)

We cannot operate in secret forever. If we kill Boatman, we are well on our way to our goals. (Jeroen Becker)

When Boatman wants somebody gone, he sends these. (Assassin Bug)

It's not the world, but it will do.

Both Boatman and Bonengel planned to harness the German war machine to their own ends. (Stormtroopers)

Not all of the CDCA sided with Boatman. (Buro Scientist)

Boatman simply took over Dao Biotech. (Arcanovirus)

The Purists created this cubist monstrosity to kill Curtis Boatman. (Paradox Beast)

The rise of the Syndicate pushed Boatman to new extremes. (Desperate Measures)

I no longer have the power I once did. That does not mean I am without resources. - Curtis Boatman (Agent Tanaka)

Sent by Boatman as a spy and an assassin. (Dr. Jean-Marc Ngubane)