Cymede is a skilled warrior but a more powerful seer. Having herself been struck by lightning and given a glimpse of the future, Cymede is seen by some as being partly responsible for her husband's effectiveness as king. Cymede is beginning to become aware of the power of godly creatures such as nymphs. She has seen abstract glimpses of their power and feels the gods are bestowing gifts on the faithful. Because of this, the cult of Keranos is gaining a foothold in the Kolophon. Cymede has even had a special temple built on a distant mountain summit where the storms are particularly severe. During the storm season, she visits there, meditating on a silver platform.

Queen Cymede of Akros is Keranos's greatest servant and has done much to spread the god's worship in the city.

Akros's greatest heroes are also its royalty. (Cymede)

"It is hope, hooved and winged." -Cymede, queen of Akros (Cavalry Pegasus)

"The people of Akros must learn from our leonin adversaries. If we match their staunch ferocity with our superior faith, we cannot fail." -Cymede, queen of Akros (Dauntless Onslaught)

"Information is a powerful weapon." -Cymede, queen of Akros (Knowledge and Power)

Anax and Cymede, Divination (BoG)

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