The Sands of D'Resh are an inhospitable desert filled with an equally inhospitable race of Magi. The Sands are an ever-shifting region of illusion and emptiness. The magi therein live a nomadic lifestyle, both moving as the sands change and changing the sands as they move. They specialize in illusion magic, naturally, but the more powerful also have the ability to dissolve into sand or fade into thin air. They control the winds, the light, the heat and the shade, and everyone trembles at the thought of crossing them.

The Magi of D'Resh successfully hid their existence for a thousand years, which led to the widespread belief that the vast western desert was entirely devoid of life. Only the most recent excursions have found that the desert is a vibrant (if hazardous) place, and that was only because the D'Reshi decided it was time to enter the affairs of the Moonlands. As one might imagine, after a millenium of isolation, the d'Reshi are not a terribly social race. In fact, most Moonlanders consider them terse and untrustworthy. "Shifty" is a word that comes up often, especially since D'Reshi are fond of fading out when things are not going their way ... even something as simple as conversation. It is certainly true that the D'Reshi hold their secrets tightly.

The Magi of D'Resh are also sensitive about their scales. Each D'Reshi's scales are created in the traditional coming-of-age ceremony. The Elder and the young Magi trace the desired pattern of scales with an ancient and revered tool called a j'timh. The scales then grow into the pattern that has been marked out, and forevermore the Magi bears those scales.

Alone of all the races, the D'Reshi are utterly hairless, which is not surprising when one considers how hard it is to get sand out of your hair. Instead, D'Reshi have patterns of scales along their head and eyebrows, and often on other places like their upper arms, chest, etc. These scales can be quite colorful at times, and the shapes and colors of the patterns are as unique as fingerprints. D'Reshi skin is sandy in color, varying from a light beach tan to a ruddier badlands red-orange. Their eyes, set beneath heavy, almost reptilian brows, are bright and stand in stark contrast to their skin. The most common colors are reds, purples, and blues. Their eyes also have nictitating membranes (translucent inner eyelids), which allow them to see clearly in the heaviest of sandstorms. For some reason, they find their ears unappealing, so they wear multiple earrings. The d'Reshi are very agile, with a light build that makes it easy for them to move confidently across shifting sand and treacherous rocks.

D'Reshi are most often seen wearing long robes and sashes, which are often a bit the worse for wear from having been scoured by the desert sands. These robes conceal their shape, as well as provide a way to wick unwanted water away from their bodies. Wraps around their hands, head, and feet help protect exposed skin from the harsh environment, and can easily be adjusted when needed. Bone armor provides protection, adds to a fearsome look, and makes it possible to bury one's self in the sand and spy on trespassers. When in more relaxed surroundings, d'Reshi wear gauzy fabrics cut for smaller coverage.