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This article is about a primordial demon in the Planescape setting. For other uses, see Dagon (disambiguation).

Dagon is an immense demon, its glistening bulk heaving monstrously into the air as a writhing storm of hook-suckered tentacles unfolds from its shapeless lower body. Its two longest tentacles terminate in immense five-fingered lalons, lis head is that of a deep-sea fish, twisted with cruelty and leering with a primordial Intelligence, its stiletto-like leeth immense and translucent. Its body is not quite sea serpent, not quite molliisl:, and nol quite shark, but somehow, horribly, a combination of all three.

Ancient Dagon is among the oldest demon lords of the Abyss and the patron of those who dwell in the lightless depths of the sea. Dagon is survived the rise of the tanar'ri in large part due to his isolationist nature. When the Queen of Chaos called upon the obyrith lords to aid her in her bartle against the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, Dagon refused her call. Other obyriths did so as well, and the Queen destroyed them for their trouble. Dagon was powerful enough that the Queen dared not raise her tentacles against him. When the obyriths were defeated, Dagon knew his choice had been the right one.

Today, Dagon is held as an oracle and seer among the tanar'ri. They come to this ancient demon with offerings of weapons and sacrifices in return tor ancient knowledge of rhe Abyss and its holdings that predate the rise of the tanar'ri. Dagon has built a mighty empire in his realm on these offerings and today is one of the mighriest demon lords in the Abyss. Dagon's realm lies directly below Demogorgon's, and the two have entered a strange son of alliance.

Dagon's presence is felt on the Material Plane as well. Dagon is an ancient demon whose worship extends beyond recorded history. His cultists range from backwater fishermen to the deep-dwelling monsters of the ocean. He is sought by powerful and insane spellcasters for the ancient secrets he guards, and has been known to grant these secrets through spells. Dagon is also venerared as a god by certain aquatic races. Kraken are known to worship him, as do some chuuls, sea hags and water nagas. The most fanatic of Dagon's Material Plane worshipers are certain ancient tribes of kuo-toa that dwell in the depths of the open sea and have never heard of Blibdoolpoolp. These kuo-toa hold that their race has existed for eons before the advent of the gods and that, in these ancient times, they were the chosen minions ol Dagon. Today, their numbers are small and dwindling - they have been hunted nearly to extinction by intolerant sahuagin who view Dagon as a threat to Sekolah's power.