Thanks to their petrifying gaze, gorgons make few allies. But many seek out the gorgon sage Damia, whose breadth of magical knowledge rivals that of any archmage - and whose prices cut deep. Many have thought of forcing secrets out of her; her statuary is littered with the stone forms of those who've tried.

Damia, Sage of Stone is a legendary Gorgon Wizard, and she is a bit of a riddle. She lairs in a vault of lore, but she owns few scrolls or tomes. She has access to a library of secrets, but she surrounds herself with bottles, jars, and powders. She is known to answer the queries of curious travelers, but she is also known for her statuary of petrification victims.

She is an evil guardian of the fates who has turned to the pursuit of knowledge

Ask your query and be on your way. Just don't look her in the eye.

"I grant you blades -on the condition that they are not pointed at me." -Damia, Sage of Stone (Vow of Malice)

Damia, Sage of the Stone