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"With his dream of unification fulfilled, Darien became the last king of Kjeldor. Those who followed were known as the kings of New Argive." -Kjeldor: Ice Civilization

"Strange alliances are alliances still, and provide the same protection." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Unlikely Alliance)

"Her soldiers' hatred for the Goblins is tempered only by their need for what the Goblins alone hold: knowledge of their mountain home." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Enslaved Scout)

"Good soldiers rely first upon their training, then upon their instincts." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Veteran's Voice)

King Darien's breath crystallized and fell to the frozen battlefield, but its command carried true to all soldiers of New Argive. (Kjeldoran War Cry)

"The benefits of peace far outweigh the pride of Generals." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Seasoned Tactician)

"My Soldiers know that they need never fear for their protection." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Shield Sphere)

The Knights of Stromgald struck Darien's Roost from two sides. They would have caught Kjeldor in a pincer attack were it not for Darien's tacticians. (Field Marshal)

"We could have peace, but Varchild would rather have the maps of the new Kjeldor drawn in Balduvian blood." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Varchild's Crusader)

"The first caravan has passed safely through the Karplusan Mountains without incident, forging a trade route to Balduvia. Kjeld himself would never have believed it" -King Darien of Kjeldor (Kjeldoran Escort)

"We aided the Balduvians once before. They need but ask and we shall do so again." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Reinforcements)

"I abandoned my dream of a squadron of griffin-riders when the cost proved too high. Three trainers were eaten for every griffin broken to the bridle." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Wild Griffin)

"Far too many of our missing 'dead' seem to be turning up in Varchild's ranks" -King Darien of Kjeldor (False Demise)

"Only an animal born in the wild has sufficient heart to be a true Knight's steed." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Noble Steeds)

"Kjeldor's borders are secure, and its citizens are prepared to take up arms in defense of their families." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Reprisal)

"Birds know no borders Why, then, should we?" -General Varchild, in a missive to King Darien of Kjeldor

"It's true I ask no fealty of the flocks -but surely we are more than mere beasts." -King Darien of Kjeldor, in a missive to General Varchild (Carrier Pigeons)

"Call every able sword to our side. Kjeldor will stand triumphant" -King Darien of Kjeldor (Errand of Duty)

Darien's call to Yavimaya would have fallen red to the snow had it not been for the agility of the aesthir. (Swift Maneuver)

"Just as an Herbalist heals a wound, so must we heal the rift between Balduvia and Kjeldor." -King Darien of Kjeldor (Royal Herbalist)