During the late twenty-first century, a time referred to as the Pinnacle, man reached his technological peak. At this time in our painful history, it is said we would change weather patterns, terraform land bridges between continents, and heal genetic flaws while a soul was still in the womb.

During the Pinnacle, mankind was rapidly weaving fantastic technological advancements. Unfortunately, civilization's social fabric was unraveling at nearly the same pace. THese conflicting paths finally overlapped, ripping humanity apart in a series of evens known as the Fall.

For the last several centuries, life on earth has been about extermination. All areas of science, religion and art have been focused to his goal. There are not a whole log of people left to exterminate. The remnants of humanity have been reduced to a xenophobic battling feudal system. In its panic for self-preservation, civilization has cut its own throat.

The last handful of mankind has isolated itself into a few hundred castle-states, fortresses build on the carcasses of great Pinnacle industrial complexes. These feuding castle-states are scattered about one of Earth's few remaining livable land masses. The primitive societies of these castle=states are based on cannibalizing the technological remains of the Pinnacle.

The willingness to give up one's own live for one's castle is not only the rule of this land, but the religion. Any exchanging of information with other castle-states is considered the ultimate heresy. There is no trust among strangers.

The leaders of most of these castle-states are aware of the worsening state of affairs and, in spite of their xenophobia, believe strongly that the only way to save humanity is to end the feuds and start rebuilding society. Unfortunately, the only envisioned method of ending the feuds is to exterminate all the other castle-states.