As the founder of the Order of Vladd, and one of the most potent vampire-generals within the Necropolis Sect, Darq's name is known and feared throughout the Land. Having defeated the Troll champion Kossak Mageslayer at the Battle of the Dwarven Forge, betrayed the Black Thorn at the Battle of Tor Lendex, and secretly orchestrated his order's victory in the Vampire Civil War, Darq is a potent and dangerous warlord. While his plans are yet unknown, his band of female Sect Heroes has been seen in the vicinity of Luxor. And where “Darq's Women” are present, Darq himself can't be far behind.

Vladd won the Necropolis War, and Darq, wearer of the Vermillion Crown, is the order’s champion.

Darq the Corrupt masterminded the destruction of the Galeshi Ringed Cities through the use of a resurrected Orc champion named Kzar Rabahan. He now rules the western deserts in the name of the Dark Crusade. As result, his army of Galeshi vampire-warriors - the Moonborn - stand as a threat to both Empire, Revolutionary and Shadow Khan holdings in the western half of the Land

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