Dave Montreal was a deputy of Gomorra under Sheriff Nate Hunter.

Several years later, he became the sheriff himself, as Gomorra faces a new set of challenges.

And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a... Dave, why don't you just shut up? -Jesse Randcliffe (Jesse Radcliffe)

It's amazin' what a shave and a haircut will do fer a man's image.

Ah, shoot. Now I'm gonna have to arrest you. I hate that.

Now, do either of you know Deputy Dave? (Natalie Sherman)

You sure you're ready for this, old boy? Dave said into the mirror. Are you ready to go to war? (Shave and a Haircut)

Dammit, Montreal, where are you? I can't hold off Templeton's boys much longer... (Zeke Hillard)

I'm tellin' ya, Nate. Somethin's not right about this. Those miners called me up there to tell me who's been leanin' in on the smaller lodes, but they're dead before I get there. I smell a rat, and it's real close. -Deputy Dave Montreal (The Jaded Jackalope)

An awful lot of horses have been sold to someone at the valley's edge, Sheriff. -Deputy Dave Montreal I suppose it's time we introduce ourselves. Feel like a ride, Charlie?-Nate Hunter (Hundred Yearling Ranch)

"It's taking all he has to hold this town together. Let's see what happens when we start pulling on threads." -Jonah Essex

"The best way to win a fight is to avoid the fight altogether." (Make the Smart Choice)