As result of Baron Sengir's reduced presence, the peoples of Aysen have started looking for a new place to direct their anger. A number of disillusioned teenagers, and those dissatisfied with their regulated lives, have begun to take to the occult, to practicing minor divination and spirit-summoning. Primarily "white-magic" oriented, these people generally are doing no harm to anyone, including themselves, as they are only doing a little card reading or the like. However, the rumors of the fact that they have the ability to summon the spirits of the dead and make them answer questions about those still living really unnerves those bureaucrats in power who have secrets that need to be kept. With the Baron no longer being a constant threat, the combined hatred of the Citizenship of Aysen is starting to turn on the Death Speakers. Recently, the Serra Inquisitors have started to conduct armed raids on the homes of Death Speakers, and have conducted witch trials against those that they catch and convict. This form of Serra persecution has made the Death Speakers even more stern in resisting their persecutors, and when a number of books of actual black magic appeared in circulation, (courtesy of Baron Sengir) a number of the more desperate Death Speakers acquired them to use as weapons in their fight against oppression. The Samites are well aware of both sides of the argument and are doing their best to try to avoid getting involved, but a number of Samites are now harboring Death Speakers in their homes or are being dragged into the conflict in other ways. So far, no one has died or been seriously injured, (though the city rumors state that an entire den of them have mastered the art of fabricating skeletons, zombies and other undead) but it will be a matter of time before some event or accident causes the first explosion that could turn into a schism that could send the entire Citizenship of Aysen into a frothing witch hunt.

The Death Speakers are an oddity amongst the peoples of the City of Onella. This group is made up primarily of dissatisfied youth and those who have become bored with everyday life, or firm believers that Serra is really gone. They are said to toy with forces beyond their control, as it is believed they can summon forth and control the spirits of the dead and make them answer questions about those still living. It is also said that the Death Speakers boast that they can control the spirits of the dead and forces of darkness, and that more than a few of the Death Speakers have died under mysterious circumstances.

The Serra Inquisitors believe that the Death Speakers are well versed in the occult and forbidden knowledge, and constantly persecute these citizens for practicing black magic. In reality, all the Death Speakers are doing are simplistic forms of divination and hedge magic, and none of them have actually died, or summoned anything more potent than local faeries. A few have fled to An-Havva to get away from the Inquisitors, but none have died yet as result of spell or spirit - but the terror is just beginning.

It is a fact that a variety of texts have surfaced in the last few months, and that it is true that Baron Sengir is responsible for seeding these impressionable youth with Books of Dark Knowledge that just may eventually turn them into puppets of the Vampire Lord. The Serra Inquisitors have the best intentions in trying to save these youth from the forces of darkness, but conducting armed raids upon the homes of suspected Death Speakers is likely not the way to solve the problem or bring these youth out of hiding.

The Samites are doing their best to protect the Death Speakers, and if things keep getting worse, a number of the more borderline Samites may start taking action against the Serra Inquisitors who are conducting the explosive witch-hunt. Complicating things, many of the Death Speakers do believe that Serra is gone, and have been talking with their friends a lot of subjects that the Abbey Matrons would consider blasphemy.