This article is about A race of fish-men from the deep ocean. For other uses, see Deep Spawn (disambiguation).

Fish men from the depths of the ocean that prey upon land dwellers. They are amphibious, and becoming more common throughout the Land.

Deep Spawn and Shelled Ones have no love for each other, but they rarely fight over territory or food when so much fresh meat is available above the surface of the water.

Often considered an ocean creature, a monster which is more often found preying on coastal settlements and attacking merchant ships that lay over too long in dark waters, there is compelling evidence that the deep spawn not only survive away from the salt but may have long ago migrated far inland. Too many old legends have been proven. The abyssal grotto, devil's lake, the black lagoon - all proven haunts of the deep spawn. The creatures cannot exist in large numbers inland due to their feeding needs and territorial jealousies, but anywhere that deep, dark waters can be found, be wary.