This perfectly symmetrical town is located on a far larger cog, taking up only a small part of it. Delon-Estin Oti has twenty bordering walls, with one gate on each side. Farmers till plots of fruits and vegetables and nurture animals just inside the gates. Seen from above, the town looks like a spiderweb, with concentric roads radiating from the hub, a great open space covered with grass, and a single ring of trees at the very center.

The town is one of peace and tranquility, a place where everything is so ordered and habitual that citizens anticipate the course of time and flow of conversation, interrupting visitors who don't know what the future holds.

Those who seek perfect equality and freedom from the lower (and higher) passions make their homes here. The population is a mixed collection of every race on the Great Wheel, but all are equal and there is no ruler. Many petitioners also reside within and around Delon-Estin Oti, happy to work the agricultural plots.

The town has a reputation as a place where seers are born and where fortune-tellers gravitate, so visitors hoping to discover their fate are common.