Every day on the Plain of Ida, warriors and champions test themselves and their prowess in contests of skill and martial cunning. Valiant heroes from across the multiverse engage in games of strategy, speed, and raw strength. The most famous of the latter is known as Densahl’s Challenge.

At first, Densahl’s Challenge seems like nothing more than a rocky tor sticking out from the grassy field. It stands about 20 feet tall and is made of a rose-colored stone very similar to granite. Long ago, a mighty dwarf warrior named Densahl (who had just won an ale-quaffing competition) stumbled into the tor and took exception to it being in his way. He climbed to the top of the rock and announced that he would break it to a thousand pieces so that it never bothered anyone again. He only managed one swing of his hammer before passing out, but that single blow broke off a boulder the size of Densahl’s head and shoulders. The crowd was impressed, but many claimed they could do better. One by one, they climbed the stone to try, and the tradition continues to this day.

Densahl’s Challenge is quite simple. Contestants carry sledgehammers to the top of the tor, call out their names and affiliations, and then swing the hammer with all their might. The goal is to break off as large a piece of the rock as possible. The record blow was struck by none other than Kord himself - a boulder the size of a workhorse. No matter how many warriors break off significant chunks of the stone, though, each day the tor is just as tall as ever.

Although the warriors who frequent the Plain of Ida can be quite competitive, and many climb the tor time and again to outdo their rivals, Densahl’s Challenge is a friendly competition. No matter what the result of an individual swing, the onlookers (a crowd of spectators is always present at Densahl’s Challenge) raise a mighty cheer in the contestant’s honor.

Densahl's Challenge is a planar touchstone, granting enhanced melee skill to those who participate.