Despina is a young ambitious woman of extraordinary beauty... and wickedness.

The origins of Despina are covered in mist, but rumors say she was raised as a slave and sold to serve one of the minor Families. Being an exceptional belle, she was taken as a mistress by one of the oldest sons of the family. She quickly fell in love with the life of luxury and affluence.

When her lover became head of the Faessayan family, Despina had already displaced the figure of his legitimate wife and ruled their property like her own. Soon after, the unfortunate fool died mysteriously. Rumors of Despina’s cunning schemes reached the Senate, and soon the Oligarchs started to hire her services for special ... missions. For an extremely high rate, of course.

Known as the Insatiable Soul this wicked and ambitious young lady won’t let anything stop her from accumulating more wealth and power.

Despina, Dominion Overlord, Despina, Insatiable Soul