Devils are supernatural evil creatures. They occur in a variety of forms, though many are humanoid. The stereotypical devil has horns, bat wings, goat feet, and a barbed tail; however, devils may have a wide range of body types.

To distinguish devils from Demons, devils generally follow a hierarchy and follow strict rules, while demons do not. Devils are also likely to be more crafty, trapping mortals in infernal contracts, while demons are more inclined to destroy. Devils are usually from Hell (or one of its variants).

Noted Devils

AbbadonaDevilForsaken Earth
ArakabDevilForsaken Earth
AshmedaiDevilForsaken Earth
AsmodisDevilthe GorgonWorld of Destiny
BalberithDevilthe ScriptorForsaken Earth
BelBaatezuLord of the FirstPlanescape
BelethDevilForsaken Earth
BelphegorDevilForsaken Earth
CaimDevilForsaken Earth
ChephrosDevilMid Realms
ChimerusDevilCastle Age
DoogopDevilthe GreedyMid Realms
DubielDevilForsaken Earth
FolfenacDevilDevil of the MaskLavato
GamalielDevilForsaken Earth
GolabDevilForsaken Earth
IblisDevilForsaken Earth
Infernus (Shadow Era)DevilTyrant of the DamnedShadow Era
KabaelDevilForsaken Earth
KeiraDevilthe Dread KnightCastle Age
LosDevilLaborer of AgesForsaken Earth
MalkizidBaatezuThe Branded King
MansematDevilForsaken Earth
MarchosiasDevilthe Chimera
MephistophielDevilForsaken Earth
MurmurDevilForsaken Earth
NamaahDevilGreat SeducerForsaken Earth
Nergal (Heresy)DevilForsaken Earth
PursanDevilForsaken Earth
RabdosDevilForsaken Earth
RaumDevilthe WhispererForsaken Earth
RimmonDevilForsaken Earth
Silat (Heresy)DevilForsaken Earth
VualDevilForsaken Earth
Wall (Forsaken Earth)Devilthe AssyrianForsaken Earth
Wall the AssyrianDevilForsaken Earth
XaphanDevilForsaken Earth

Subtypes and Variants

AnakimForsaken Earth
AratonDungeons and Dragons Settings
Baal-a-GogMid Realms
Devil (Dominia)EvilDominia
Devil DogCanine
Mid Realms
Devil HedgehogMid Realms
DrukMid Realms
Ki DevilThe Land
Lawyer DevilMid Realms