Raised by gypsies, Devon never had a stable place to call home. Due to their unique nature they were forced to live on the go. They would move from location to location trying to sell their skills, while running small time scams which usually got them run off by the town locals. The gypsy lifestyle had grown harder and harder as technology expanded, making life and a living hard for them. Sure they had modernized abit, cars instead of horse carriages but they were still primarily the same as they’ve always been. They befriend their own, educate their own, and marry their own.

As a child, Samantha Eldrage was considered an outsider even amonsgt her own people. One day a runaway girl entered the camp. She wasn't a gypsy but Samatha knew right from the start she was scared and running from something. They would soon find out that Tanya was running from both MI6 as well as the SIS as part of a government cover up.

Not wanting to get involved the community all agreed to send her to the authorities but Samatha writhed in agony at the thought of losing her new friend. She pleaded with her father to take her in and to her joy, he agreed. He agreed to take full responsibility for the girl and raise her as his own. The two girls friendship contiuned to grow through the years.

After Samatha's father passed away, Tanya was the only family she had left. They had each other and that's all they needed. One day they were both enjoying a well deserved day down by the lagoon, when out of the water emerged something quite terrifing. It took to flight and came to land on a nearby willow tree. The creature hypnotized the young women and drew them closer. "One of you will sacrifice and the other will suffer but your friendship will make you powerful. You, choose your power!"

Given the power to control water and darkness, Devon finds both things in this world or things from another of little challenge for her. The world is her play ground, that is until she finds she is not the only one with a gift.

Devon is accompanied by her dragon Hydra

Devon and Hydra, Devon