This dark-haired figure stands just over seven feet tall. He could pass for human if it weren’t for the small horns protruding from his brow and his glowing red eyes. Dressed in regal finery, he carries a long rod capped with a macelike head.

Dispater is the Iron Duke, the Lord of the Second. A cautious fiend, he never leaves the impregnable Iron Tower that looms over all of Dis.

Dispater is the very definition of caution. He is vigilant beyond compare, weaving a web of impenetrable defenses around himself and his holdings. His plans are far-reaching, taking generations to come to fruition. Yet he is not a craven, frightened fiend who grasps at power out of fear of losing it. He is calm, composed, and charming. He is the perfect gentleman, not given to emotional outbursts or acts of passion. He knows the political games of the Nine Hells, and he’s one of the best players.

Dispater has a finger in everything. He has agents scattered throughout the layers, all working toward some convoluted scheme. Most of Dispater’s goals lurk behind countless lies and deceptions, but his hatred of Baalzebul is the worst kept secret in the Nine Hells. The two fight a war of secret betrayals and assassinations, each winnowing away at the other’s defenses.

The Lord of the Second has forged an alliance with Mephistopheles, who shares Dispater’s hate of the Lord of Lies. But even with help, the plots against Baalzebul consume almost all of Dispater’s time, distracting him from expanding his influence elsewhere - or so the baatezu believe.

Dispater favors erinyes, since they are not only beautiful, but also competent and unswervingly loyal. Protecting his fortress are scores of iron golems and other constructs that follow his every command.

Dispater (T9H)