Dollun was one of the foremost rhox champions of the army of Jhess, on the Bant coast. Dollun's rise through the Sigiled caste was meteoric; he had earned the title of Knight-Captain in only seven years and had commanded the Eleventh Legion of soldiers, Sigiled paladins, and leotau cavalry during the Jhess-Valeron conflict. A stickler for religious tradition and military procedure, Dollun was known for his perfect pre-battle recitations of long passages of the Prayer to Asha to inspire his troops. Soon after the war between the shards began, Dollun's military career came to a rapid end. Dollun saw his men slain by the hundreds on a long and chaotic campaign into Naya, their blood shed in senseless battle with brutish monsters that knew nothing of procedure. The experience shattered Dollun's sense of propriety and honor, and he began to command his troops to execute wild maneuvers and bloody, backhanded tactics. One night, after almost all of the Eleventh Legion had been slaughtered on the catastrophic campaign through the jungle, Dollun emerged from his tent in tribal garb, blood-spattered and wielding two massive spiked maces. He left the rest of his own Jhessian soldiers alone, but immediately charged and butchered the Naya and Jund enemies that had encamped nearby, then escaped into one of the lowland chasms of Jund, raving and roaring fragmented passages from the Prayer of Asha.

Rhox Brute

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