Once a proud noble, Dolomar was stripped of his nobility by jealous aristocrats. Having lost everything, he exchanged part of his soul for immense dark and arcane magics in an attempt to exact revenge on those who took his pride.

Dolomar's Arcane Vortex is a spell that amasses large amounts of arcane energy and compresses it into a small orb. The power and force behind the orb are so great that anything in its path will cease to exist in the mortal plane.

Mages are often know to wear cloth as heavy armor often restrains the casting of magic. However, Dolomar was able to create highly defensive but lightweight armor by infusing the suit of plate mail with arcane magic.

The Tome of the Forsaken never leaves Dolomars side. It is rumored that the spellbook was bestowed upon him by the demon who took a part of Dolomars soul in exchange for his current powers.

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