The Rickson family was sorely disappointed with the development of Domian as a youth. Clearly unable to grasp the finer aspects of the political game, Domian was viewed as a failure by his father. Disheartened by his father's rejection, Domian soon joined a mercenary band and left to find his place in the world. Years later he returned home to find his father and mother deceased and his family lands being carved up by other notable families. His younger brother, unable to stem off the wolves, was more than ready to receive any assistance possible. Angry and desirous to reclaim his family's rights, Domian quickly made use of the skills he had attained as a warrior and salvaged what was left of his family's holdings. A powerful warrior and a giant of a man, Domian Rickson has found his place in the world of politics through military strength.

"He’s my salvation, and through his strength I am closer to securing my family's glory than ever. He is my brother!" -Lerimar Rickson

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