Domiel stands 12 feet tall and resembles an androgynous human with subtle masculine traits. He has golden skin, black hair, and bright golden eyes that burn like miniature suns. His great wings are sheathed in golden feathers, and he wields a massive flaming greatsword. He is barechested, muscular, and doesn’t wear armor. His handsome face bears a stern yet wise countenance.

Domiel rules the Golden Heaven of Mercuria, the second layer of Celestia. Great tombs and wondrous mau- soleums dot Mercuria’s golden landscape, and Domiel has sworn an oath to prevent their desecration. Domiel also opposes tyranny, visiting death and ruin upon evil tyrants and all who follow them.

Aurilon, the Golden Spire, serves as Domiel’s redoubt. The 400-foot-tall tower of burnished gold rises from a pristine lake formed by the meeting of four rivers, in the middle of a verdant valley.

Domiel, the Mercy-Bringer

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